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hies, long time dead, new to this site

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hello everyone, ive had symptoms of dp/dr for about 5 years now and they have got increasingly worse since i went to uni, ive seen something at one of those clinics she didnt know what the hell she was on about, and it kind of put me off. My dad read somewhere about l-glutamine, just wondering, anyone on here who has tried this, did you get a weird heaviness in your head not too long after taking the stuff, i feel as if i have just been born and im having to learn about people and my environment again, i dont feel fully here at all but more so than i usually do. i know its only an amino acid and not any sort of presciption medicine but it certainly seems to have done something. i really need to see someone about this as its really having an impact on every aspect of my "life" problem is im not too confident about seeing the doctor as im sure he'll refer me to someone who doesnt have a clue again.
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Hello and welcome to the site

I have to say that i know what you mean about docs etc not haveing a clue im in the same possition atm and im waiting to see yet another doc atm. I think that iv'e had DP/DR for a good few years now but im not to sure as my head is so foggy all the time,i don't remember v much and nothing seems real like im in a constant dream :(.I know what its like to be put off by the docs but i do belive that you should keep fighting until you find someone that undrestands how you feeling,thats what im trying to do.Fingers crossed you can find a good doc.

Best of luck
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