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Hi guys,

I just wanted to say hi to y'all!

I've had dpdr for 7 years now, and I'm finally starting to look into it in order to hopefully get rid of it finally (and the online help tells you to just ignore it...HA)

I've kinda gotten used to this, but honestly it's still pretty disorienting and pretty lonely. Not to throw shade, but my therapist doesn't know about dpdr and doesn't seem to care. The first person I told about this was my friend who didn't understand either, and no one I've interacted with seems to exhibit the same behaviors I do. Then, nothing ever feels real so I act weirdly around others which is pretty alienating. But its alright, since I've managed to survive so far!

Anyway, my psychopathic self is actually really happy that you guys are here... even though this is horrible, you give me so much hope. That there are others like me and I'm not something less than human. You guys are truly truly awesome... so thank you. We will and we can fight through this
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