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Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with DP/DR the past few months because of anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and a big life change, as I just moved states and away from family and close friends. I'm actually doing a bit better recently, in comparison to a month or two ago.

Anyway, one of my worst habits that is perpetuating DP/DR is that I keep visiting this forum! Mostly just to read recovery stories and get that boost of hope. But I know visiting this site will not allow me to move on and let go, which I need to continue to do.

So I just made this account to make this post, and promise to myself that I will not visit this forum again. So if I stick to my goal, this account will not show activity since April 2020. Maybe one day when I'm feeling 100% better I'll come back to give some advice or something.

Goodbye DP/DR. I will not allow this to control my life or my actions anymore. Peace and love to everyone :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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