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hi everyone im new to this site, but not so new to DR, ive had it about 3 years, and until recently i just thought i was going crazy until i found out im not the only one who has had this horrible problem. my doctor tells me i have anxiety and depression but he never has actually told me i have dp. i think it all started about a ear after i had my baby at 18, and i still have trouble beleiving she's mine, literally. i think i have all the symptoms, i feel:

like life is unreal or a dream
scared to go to public places
scared to be in public situations
shortness of breath
trouble sleeping
trouble concentrating
fear of dying
very little energy :cry: :cry:

thats all i can think of right now, my doctor gave me zoloft, it helps a little but i feel the DR still, but not as intense. has anyone taken zoloft for DR/DP? and has it worked?[/b]

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The fact that the onset of these symptoms occured after the birth of your baby makes me think of postpartum depression. Have you considered this? I copied and pasted a little for you...

Postpartum Depression
About one in 10 new mothers experience some degree of postpartum depression. These complications usually occur within just days after the delivery, and can occur even a year later. These symptoms include:

Feelings of hopelessness or depression
Disturbances with appetite and sleep
Uncontrollable crying
Lack of interest in the baby
Fear of harming the baby or oneself
Mood swings ? highs and lows

Maybe it is DP... a lot of those are DP symptoms. And I think DP definitely could be brought on by such a life-changing event. Maybe your doctor could suggest some support groups? You are definitely not crazy.

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I agree with Peace dove it sounds like post partum depression, I had post partum psychosis and had all the symptoms you describe and the scariest symptom was feeling like my daughter was literally NOT MINE! I am sorry and know exactly how you feel. Maybe you need a higher dose of meds, counseling or a second opinion. Have you told your doctor ALL of your symptoms? Sometimes people are embarrassed to tell a doctor all the symptoms, if not, please do for yourself and your baby. BTW, post partum depression can be delayed, it doesnt always occur right away. I hope you can get the help you need. Good Luck!
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