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Hi everyone, im Strongy , im 41 years old and its good to be here.

My Horror story :/

My story started around 10 years ago. I was happy healthy and doing great in life.

Id not long since moved into a new house with my wife and 2 very young kids, and all seemed fine.

Then one afternoon i said to the missis, lets got to the pub for a pint, we can play on the slot machine/bandit

they had in there.

Whilst standing next to my missis i had a massive wave of nostalgia come over me, it was so strong.

i said to my missis "i feel like we've just gotten together?", she asked what i meant?, i said it feels like

when i first got together with you, with all the excited feelings and nervousness.

She just laughed it off and then carried on putting £1 coins in the machine.

Then a week later, 16 September 2008 the banking crash happened, and we were hit hard... just having bought a new

home. I tried to put a brave face on things but inside i was worried.

Then my Grandad passed away, which hit me hard.

Well fast forward a week, now the feelings of nostalgia intensified to the point were i couldn't get my thoughts out of

the past, i would ask her questions about things that happened 12 years ago, like they had just happened?.

My mind had sort of flipped around, the present day had become foggy ..distant..daydream like, but the distant past had become crystal clear.

This carried on for a further 2-3 weeks then all hell broke loose.

Id cry for no reason, id shout and scream because of something that happened 12-13-14 years ago, id fly into a rage and smash

any inanimate object that was within range, id run out the house and walk for miles, no food or water then return home at night, i thought i was losing my mind.

i lost 4 stone in weight (i wasn't fat, but muscular build) , my mind and body couldn't take what was happening to me, i had no idea at this time what was

happening, i thought my brain was damaged and i was going to have to live in this emotional nightmare forever.

Then when i was talking to my mum, (i was in a terrible state), i felt like my voice was coming from somewhere else, like it wasn't in my body anymore.

I had the feeling of being outside my body, like my body and myself were totally detached from each other.

Thats when i first noticed the DP/DR.

The doctor put me on Citalopram and explained that the DP/DR was a safety mechanism of the body/brain, she told me that

the body/brain does this to protect me from the obvious mental breakdown i was going through.

Well, hear i am 10 years later, in a much better place than i was all those years ago..... but not totally unscathed.

I now suffer anxiety, S.A.D, and DP/DR never went away 100%.

My symptoms start in September like clockwork every year, starting with a feeling of strong nostalgia, then the Anxiety cranks up, and then the DP/DR rears up.

I haven't had the severe mental breakdown i first had, but the other symptoms seem to be triggered in September when S.A.D shows its first signs.

Sorry about the length of this post and the grammar, i have a very hard time focusing this time of year, i find it hard retaining information, its 4:00 am and im just starting to feel sleepy.

So that's my story, warts and all, lol.



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See, mine is so different to yours. I feel permanently disattacted to everything, I have head pressure, it feels like everything is fuzzy and I have thick smoke between me and reality and I can't remember a damn thing and my past feel like a dream. I have weaved in and out of phychosis at my worst, I was running around my house shouting at the "robots" screaming at them to stop watching me, snapped out of it in about half an hour....then dp went mad and I felt stoned as fuck for about an hour. Had mine for 1 year now.

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Hi Sharon, i get the thick fog between myself and reality and the head pressure also.

Im like most who suffer from DP,Depression, anxiety, i am constantly researching looking for a outside cause, some mineral or vitamin deficiency.

I feel like there is something that is causing this, from the outside, whether true or not remains to be seen.

Last year i found that all my symptoms went away, anxiety and all.

i bought a static caravan near the coast, and i noticed my mind clearing, then my anxious feeling subsided, i tried eating

some junk food and it had no effect on me, where normally if i had lets say, a cup of tea with some chocolate digestive biscuits.

i would within 10-15 minutes be suffering with anxiety, heart palpitations, DP like you wouldn't believe.

But this time nothing!, i went and ate ice cream, yet still nothing!, i couldn't believe it.

So off i went, finding what is the main difference to the caravan location and my home, i was looking for an outside cause

then i thought well, im not on my laptop, its at home.

so i got in to WiFi signals and the effect they can have on some individuals, and low and behold they seemed to tick the box's

i then searched my area at home and found i was within a mile radius of 5 different cell phone/radio masts, not to mention the wifi connection at home.

I then searched were my caravan was located and nothing, there were no masts within a 10 -20 mile radius at the time, and no wifi connection.

Driving back from my 10 day break and i notice my brain fogging up and anxiety returning to the levels they were before

arrived at my caravan, i did a search when i got home and low and behold, my symptoms came back when i came in to the

proximity of these towers.

Now im not sure if it was just the fact that i was on holiday, that all my stress went away and my symptoms subsided or not.

But i have found that i am sensitive to electric fields, quite by accident.

When i was working at this farm with my Dad, we both entered the power room were all the electrical junction box's were located.

I had a ringing suddenly start in my head, and internal pressure in my skull.

I said to my dad whats that noise, and the pressure, he said i cannot hear or feel it?, i had to immediately leave the room, it

felt like my head was going to burst, and somebody put a tuning fork on to my skull.

I feel the same pressure now but not as intense, and i have a ringing in my ears/head but again not as intense again as the electrical room at the farm.

So its an ongoing battle, to see if the cause is internal (emotional), or external, whether im just sensitive to electrical fields because of my illness or these electrical fields are a cause of my illness.

We will see.
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