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Just want to say hello and I'm so happy there's a forum for this condition. It is incredibly tough but great that so many people are open to sharing their experiences and offering tips.

I've been struggling for about 2 months now and it has been tough. Went through a rough break up and was having work issues over the past 3-4 months. That caused me to have severe panic attacks which I've always been able to handle but I fell into a pretty severe depression. I keep a journal daily and I wrote down feeling "dream-like" but i wasn't totally detached. Then one night when i was driving i began to panick and asked myself "what is life?" "why am i even here?" These are questions I've asked myself a handful of times but I've always been able to shrug it off and move on and actually live a good life. I've been working with a therapist and we actually think my brain may have subconsciously used those questions to disassociate and completely remove myself from the emotional pain. Since then I've woken up in a total dream like phase, sleeping terribly, head hurting all day, no emotion, no motivation (though I am motivated to get better) But it almost feels like a part of me has found a weird comfort in being constantly uncomfortable.

Has anyone else had this experience? Where you may have been feeling foggy and depressed and then you ask yourself strange questions and can't get out of your head?

Sorry for the long post and thank you! ❤❤❤
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