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Well from a few years of being somewhat stressed, I've begun to suffer from anxiety. It's always worse around my period too. These past couple of months have been rather bad. I started to get heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pains, odd feeling in my arm, which in turn stressed me out more.... I convinced myself I was going to have a heart attack anytime soon. And just a couple of weeks ago I was sure I had a brain tumor as I was feeling off balance, light headed.... *sigh* I hate being like this.

I'm now going through bouts now of where I can't think straight, I get confused and just generally feel like I'm losing my memory, it doesn't help that I have a crap memory as it is, heh. I also think I'm going to go crazy and have this general overall feeling of panic. I also hate this feeling of being disconnected from everything. :(

When I went to the doctors when I thought I had a tumor, he precribed me with Paroxetine for my anxiety, I haven't started taking them yet as I'm kinda scared about the side affects, and the fact that my symptons will most likely get worse before they get better.

I'm not sure why I'm rambling, I'm just feeling a little low from feeling so fuzzy headed at the moment.

Thanks for listening though.


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I feel the same, however I tried a different prescription ie, alcohol and drugs. I feel low and disoreigntated alot of the time, and now just feel happiest when I am alone and just left to my own reality. I know this may not be much help, but I do have times when I feel normal and alive again so there is hope.
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