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hi all its been awhile i need a bit of help

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how is everyone all good i hope .... i need a bit of a lift i think,ive been stuck in my flat now for years rarely going out ... panic attacks/dp/agorophobia ive got the full package .... anyway trying to keep this as brief as possible im just really going through the motions now,stuck in my tiny one bed flat .... very withdrawn drinking beer most of the day everyday ... i just feel trapped,no way out,dead inside .... no fight left inside ... its just all a total drag now and i have no fight left ....

as i say its been a while as ive just been dealing with things but im outta sorts atm just feeling out of it

all the best

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thankyou kindly for the reply lost235

i just dont seem to be able to break out of this self isolation ive found myself in .... ive been speaking to a therapist since febuary 2020 and weve recenlty been doing a 'walk & talk' meeting in the park opposite me ... ive recently told her i need a break for a couple of weeks (just struggling to find the fight in me) i have no job 2 cats money wise im doing ok ..... im just fed up of being stuck in this damn flat and even if i wanted to do the things i used to do spontaneously,catch a bus into town for example i cant ! the thought of having a panic attack and the way everything looks 'spaced out' is stopping me from doing so ... im 49 coming upto the age of 50 and im just tired of it all and am left wondering 'is this it' ... im not living im just existing ... thankyou for the reply btw & taking the time to respond

all the best
thankyou anna & well done ..... the dp anx was ok to deal with but my main problem is the thought of having panic attacks ... this is when i started to isolate ..... im going to cook some dinner & come back a little later so i can give my focus 100% :)
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