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Ive just found this place and couldnt see any where to post an introduction so I thought I would jump in here :D

Soooooo, The basic run down my name is lorna (creative with the id arent I? :wink: )
I am 23, I am married and have a 4 year old son. I am from the UK and have just had this disorder added to my list of dx's.
The others that join the list are anxiety, depression,bpd and ocd traits. Yawn the list is getting longer and even more tedious.

Anyway my psychiatrist has just got all exited over this and decided that he would like me to start on an anti epilepsy mdication it begins with a L if that helps at all?
This dx but not the experiences is all new to me and I guess its kind of a relief to finally have a name for some of the things that happen.
More later if you are not all bored allready.
Take care allways.

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will do :)
He wants to see me again at the start of next week before I can start on it.
Wants me to meet with himself and his consultant to go through what to expect, side effects etc?
Does anyone know much about it? from the way he was speaking its quiet a big deal or something. Never had all this when going onto anti psychotics or anything.
kinda nervous I guess but also keen to get started on it.
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