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I'm pretty deeply messed up with this depersonalization thing, but here's something that has helped me a lot. After about a year I realized it's all about reminding myself that I AM myself and that I AM human, despite what I feel.

This was my idea -- I took a pen and colored in a section of a paper about the size of my fingertip, pressed my index finger against the spot and stamped my fingerprints on the page, and labeled next to the fingerprints "me lol." I stared at the fingerprints and amazingly began to feel human again, realized myself by eternalizing a unique part of myself and my body onto paper. I laughed to myself because I realized I would have a pretty hard time creating those fingerprints if I wasn't ME.

My brain felt re-envoloped in itself. The experience brought me to tears. I think you should all try it. You ARE yourself and you ARE human. Don't forget it. Mind over matter!

I love you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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