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I thought I was a normal 17 year old. While smoking weed for the 1st time, I had a traumatic experience I would not understand for 40 years.

During the 40 year interim, I experienced a lot of psychiatric symptoms. Recurrent Major depression, anxiety, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, vestibular dysfunction, spells of

panic, absence spells, paresthesia's, fatigue, depersonalization and derealization. At 57, I was perusing a British medical library and reading neurological texts and

journals. I found a case history that was exactly my experience in every unique detail. At 17, I had experienced an epigastric aura which segued into

temporal lobe seizures. I had 30 epileptic discharges in about 3 minutes. I never lost consciousness. I was a worst case scenario as my post ictal psychosis

segued into an affective disorder of major depression. Everything I had ever experienced was explained by my discovery. An EEG confirmed my history

of temporal lobe seizures. My temporal lobe was permanently shot. 40 years after the fact, neurology and psychiatry still have no clue. The medical folks just gave me some paperwork and said "Go

to the Social Security're disabled. This, after completing an enlistment in the military, setting production records at a blast furnace, graduating

at the top of my class from technical school, and completing a career as an electronics technician in industry. I must say, the extra cash is welcome.

My advice to all of you wondering what the source of your ill may be, is to get an EEG.
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