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Ok well im 17 atm, and i think im really going
as prolly every1 writes about but
I think mine was induced from pot mabey? I rememberw hen i started smoking it was fun, lotta laughing but 1 day i smoked to much, and well i freaked out ...held on till i fell asleep and was alright the next morning then after awhile getting stoned was very different and felt scary, so i stoped, and i started to feel ok again...then i sliped out april first n had a little bit...and i felt crazy then again..and ever since april first this year i have been outta my mind ..i dont feel like myself and very deepressed, and sometimes almost every day ill get a shock to my emotions and feeling and ill feel like im about to pass out and like im really high (bad high) ill get really scared and just sit there petrified liek the world is crashing down around me.. ill still be able to think clearly but this feeling is overwhelming. it randomly shows up and goes when it pleases...but latley my entire day has been nothing but wierd feelinsg and i question everything i think about...i feel like im schizofranic but i dont see anything or hear anything...just crazy dreams and thoughts..if any1 has gotten this far out of boredum ill make a list of what happens even though every word is vague since explaining this is almost impossible.
-torturing fear
-rapid heart beat
-thoughst of insanity
-really really stoned
-sad :(
idk what else to say i still dont feel like iv discribed it to a level of understanding even as i look at my hands type this sentence it feels funny..oh well
if any1 has suggestions on how to get rid of this w/o eliminating my existance plz

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Print out this post you made and put it in a safe place.

Call your doctor and make an appointment to see him or her.

Bring your post to the appointment and use it as needed to remind yourself of what you want to discuss.
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