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did anyone just get dp before dr? the way i can explain it is i felt outa touch with reality for about 2 years i felt like me and everything was normal apart from feelings like i was in a dream, then after about 2/3 years dp started to kick in slowly, is this because i was thinking sooo much about how i felt that i caused dp to happen? does anyone get that thing when u close ya eyes u feel like ya spinning like ya head is going from side to side really fast? i always feel like theres two people in me theres my brain and this body that isnt mine, talking is a big problem it does my head in!!!!, every chance i get, i get drunk cus it makes it go away, but it also makes me feel 100 times worse the next day, im not an acholic altho, but all my friends tell me i get drunk too much. when i spk to people with dp they say jus dont get drunk, but when ive been through a week of typical dp all i wanna do is run away from it and its sooo fun to go out with my mates and get drunkand have fun. How many of u lot are really sensitive people? im soooo sensitive and deeeep!! ive had dr/dp for 5 years now and its annoying the fuck outa me!!! anyways i just thought id get some stuff off my chest, i love everyone of u thats going throught this! well i spose it makes life a little more intresting. byeee drunk jamie
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