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Hello I was driving back from dropping off my daughter at school and while I was looking ahead the sky started to turn into this pretty pink and once again I got this terrible feeling like this is all some kind of a dream like I don’t exist. It’s the worst feeling ever and I scare myself even more because I overthink this feeling. It’s been happening for 3 years now ever since I got clean off heroin. Some days are easier and some days are harder. Everytime I try to explain this to my friends or anyone they all look at me like I’m crazy nobody knows what I’m talking about. I’m glad I found this forum because honestly I thought I was the only one… I feel so alone it’s hard for me to make any friends I feel like everyone is judging me it’s hard for me to even have any normal conversation I just always mess up in life.
I know what you mean: no one will understand it unless they've had or got it.

You just have to let them read about it online. That's the only way I, myself explain it to my husband.

Congrats on being clean. I've had my fair share of drugs in the past. Though, I'm not sure if that's the culprit in my case, or stress.

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