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How it happened for me:
So I had smoked for the first time March 24th 2018 and had a pretty decent panic attack because the depersonilization I got after it was very intense. after losing my shit mentally for about 15 minutes, I calmed down and collected myself and few hours later, I drove home and honestly all was well until April 13th. I noticed I had no emotions like a damn serial killer, I honestly couldn't understand why out of the blue I felt that way. Then I'd say about 16th the derealization starting coming in to say hello. I'm a fighter so I wanted to take the best course of action, looked up what I felt I had and then called my doctor to get a prescription. After I got the prescription I was making a mistake. I was just sitting in my room doing nothing and just trying to wait it out. The 1st week the symptoms were starting to fade away but that was only when I was on the meds. So I thought this clearly won't improve this way... So I decided to start eating healthy, drinking lots of water and started to run outside again and here I stand saying I'm on my way to recovery May 4th 2018.

How to beat Dp:
-Don't be scared of it, it isn't trying to hurt you. Dp/Dr is your brains coping mechanism that is providing a shield to things it thinks you fear. That's why some of you have no emotion.

-Accept you have it. If you fight it you are only hurting yourself. Fighting Dp/Dr is like beating yourself up in a boxing match.

-Be optimistic! Just know this evil thing does, and will be gone sooner than you think. You will go back to your old self and be so grateful for it!

-get off the forums and stop doing the youtube searches. Nothing is worse than being reminded of Dp/Dr and seeing some guy put that he's had this thing for 17 years and there is no hope. That won't be you! The people who say that I assume have either anxiety to the point where it's just insanity or they aren't taking proper steps to better themselves and this condition. If you are a fairly level headed person like me, I don't see you have Dp/Dr any more than 3 months if you take the right steps.

-EAT HEALTHY AND WORKOUT! I can't stress that out hard enough for people with Dp/Dr. Running/Working out overall improves your mood and lowers stress & anxiety. And stress is something that contributes to adding longevity to Dp/Dr

-Talk to people... You will be amazed how much more connected to yourself you will feel if you just integrate yourself back to society.

One more thing:
Just remember this is temporary and you can go back to your normal self 100%. Just get out of your room and follow those steps I provided and you will make it out alright! :)
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