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I am here for some advice, last night a good friend of mine told me she had DP. She's now 22 and has been suffering since she was 15. I'm here basically because I want to know if there is anything that I can do to help, I don't mean drugs or psyciartists (sorry spelling atroucious :oops: ), because she already has seeked this. Nobody knows about this apart from one other person and her family.

She seems to think that because i've been told that i'm going to treat and think of her differently, which is not the case, i'm not the most sympathetic person in the world but i've got a gift of making people feel at ease. I know that my opinion of her isn't based on what she says about herself, but how she acts and what she does. i'm sorry i'm ranting now but i'm a little bit confused (and very hung over).

i've been doing some research on the internet about what the condition is like etc, but there doesn't seem to be anything to help me help. Do I act normal? do i try and talk to her about it more? do i change things socially for her so its easier? i'm stuck and i want her to know i care, help me.

mr c.

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Great of you to be so concerned for your friend, Mr.C.

For me, having someone to share the surreal, unreality of this disorder and not have that person look at me as if I have lost my mind is a big help. I know until you have dp/dr it can sound so unreal and you don't know quite how to put your hands around it.

If she has been this open with you to share what some keep a very deep secret, I imagine she would be open to you asking what you could do that would be helpful to her. She would probably really appreciate having someone she can be her "nonself" around. Even though she may "look" normal at this time, inside her head everything is upside down.

Thanks so much for checking out this might even offer it as an idea if she has not been here before. Basically, we are a congenial, helpful lot. :D Basically....

The best to you and your search for your friend.
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