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Helped by human interaction

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My brother came to town last week and it was a pretty fun time. He doesn't come around very often, so it's always nice to see him. While he was here, I was distracted most of the time, so I wasn't focussed on my DP/DR as much. The DP/DR was still there, but it was in a much more manageable form. Interestingly, the DR was much more prevalent than the DP, probably because I wasn't focussed on myself as much. Anyway, since he came and went, I've noticed a drastic improvement in my situation. I still have chronic DP/DR, but it is not as debilitating as it was before. The DP/DR isn't causing as much anxiety as it did before. There have even been moments where I felt like I got a whiff of what normalcy feels like. To me, this confirms my theory that my current bout of debilitating, chronic DP/DR is the result of a depletion of "feel-good chemicals."

Has anyone else noticed improvement when they see someone they haven't seen in a long time, or when someone new comes into their life? I feel like regular human interaction and healthy relationships are a significant piece of the puzzle.
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