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I have been having feelings of derealization and depersonalization for a few months now. Sometimes I think that maybe I am losing my mind, or in the early stages of dementia, etc.. One day I am fine... perfectly fine... and then the next day or two I feel weird, mentally off, depressed,,, yesterday and today. Why good one day and off the next? I'm done with menopause. The only drug I am on is for my thyroid and I've had thyroid disease since the 80's. I take a few supplements, but nothing that would cause these issues. My sleep is not good. It has improved since I bought a My Pillow last week, but I have a long ways to go before my sleep is really satisfactory. I read that CBD oil can help. I have it here. I got it from my son and his wife, both RNs, who swear by this stuff. Who has used it for these issues and what effects have you felt, etc? I haven't used the CBD yet. So far we are just using it on one of our dogs. I look forward to any and all insight and advice!!

P.S. I've been eating way too much sugar lately! I'm trying to stop.. I HAVE TO STOP! I read that sugar is as or more addictive than cocaine. i believe it! Can eating too much sugar cause these mental issues?
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