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I took a vicodine and im having an extream panic attack... What can i do to calm down ASAP....
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Hey Space....I'm with you man. I've never been in quite the same situation as you...but I remember when I was in hospital being pumped full of chemo, and I was so full of panic and anxiety you wouldn't believe it. And the bastards (until afterwards) wouldn't give me anything to calm me down.

I don't know your personal situation, so I can't comment. But either way, you've got got got got got got got to get help. Even in the most uncivilised world with the most unsympatheic people, they wouldn't leave you like this.

I dare to suggest that your past problems with addiction have got something to do with this, but who knows. I can't remember you ever posting anything that might have caused your DR/DP, besides your addictions. Past trauma's, what? Tell us, so we can try and help.

Your suffering is our suffering mate. You are not alone. But you must take action, and now.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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