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AAAAAAAAa, where do i start.....
I hate my life. I have been thinking about suicide lately, but i don't really want to die. I just want this shit to stop. So how do i make it stop? I CANNOT live like this. I don't know how to ask for help or what i kind of help i need. How the fuck do i make people take me seriously??? It feels like i'm on the brink of complete insanity and my mind can't decide which way to go. It's like that saying, "shit or get off the pot," and i can't do either because i'm a constipated parapalegic. Anyway, I'm kind of drowning hear so any support of suggestions would be greatly apreciated.
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I'm like that right now as well, Im 17, I got this last june and you know what I know it feels like shit actually its indescribable. Life seems hopeless etc. But your going to have to hang in there its all you can do, think of suicide as not an option(Its a cowards way out). Umm yeah it crosses my mind once and a while but thats the Dp/Anxiety/Depression talking in all of us. And I'm very scared for my future but you know there are good times even with this, its just we cant pinpoint them when we feel so down and + most of our memory is horrible. I dont know if anyone agrees with me, people dont just stay with this there whole lives, Our bodies will figure themselves out with some of our help the best thing to do is hang in there, our minds are injured and guess what it takes to fix our minds??? Our minds. Thats why its so hard. Because when we try to fix your injured mindit just hurts it more for the time being(well at seems like it) but really were helping it in the long run. Every time(I know it doesnt seem like it) we go outside for a walk it helps we see real stuff which slowly brings us back. Well I dont want to hold you up all day so I dunno post. Its not the end of the world.
Cheers Dan
Oh and a lot of suicidal thoughts are trying to get attention so go talk to someone phone anyone you know it doesnt matter, educate other people as well. bye
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