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I have been to this sight before but have never actually posted. I found that reading your posts and symptoms were very comforting. I have a couple of questions that I know you have all answered a thousand times before but I am going to ask you to answer them again. Do you find that you are constantly doing reality checks during the day such as saying your name to yourself, phone number, address etc just to prove that you are still you? Do you find it hard to remember what you were like before this came about? Do close friends and family members seem like strangers at time? Thanks in advance for your answers and support.
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I find it almost impossible to remember what I was like before this, and when I do remember it makes me cry because I feel so different now. Yes at times friends and family seem like strangers. I know they are not but I can't connect with them the way I know I used to. You are not alone...
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