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Ive been dealing with depersonalization for about 4 months, it started after i had a bad trip on weed. A few weeks ago it felt like i was getting alot better, but it has gotten bad again. The part i cant stand the most is that i feel depressd and unhappy all the time now, and my brain just feels so foggy all the time. Why did it feel like it was going away then suddenly come back just as bad again? Has anybody else experienced this? Also i have been taking anti depressants ever since, is this bad? Please help!

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Apr 06 2013 09:43 PM

same thing happened with me :/ it all started after a bad trip on weed (bad is an understatement xD) for me it started getting better after a week but then one night like 2 weeks later the depersonalization hit me again and ever since then ive felt this way :/ all i know is that im staying away from weed haha
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