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Not doing so well right now. I am looking for ideas to help short term.
I have recently started a talk therapy of sorts, and certainly don't expect any immediate changes. It's just that, even my short term distraction techniques don't seem to be working any more.
I am sinking.
I am clearly depressed and actually considering anti-deps. Again though - that is not a short term fix. What I need is a break from this stuff, if only for a minute or two.
If anyone wants to share what they do to get themselves up out of this for sec, whether it be a slap in the face, a cold shower, sex with a stranger.....anything, it would be much appreciated. I need some new ideas quick.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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SC just be strong man, keep your head up, i know its not an easy thing to do. Maybe you should consider therapy?? That may help?? And something new & exciting in your life, like a young girlfriend might not hurt lol.....

I know this is a bit off subject but i had the WEIRDEST dream last night.. Me & my mom went to visit SC at his house in Oregon but it looked like where I live. I was hangin out with your son I guess & we were talkin about basketball and i was going through his closet and we had similar clothing. It was a weird dream, and when I woke up i was surprised that I had a dream that related to this board in some way.

but yeah man, just be easy

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Well sc,

As palatable as "sex with a stranger" sounds, i'd suggest a less emotionally intrusive measure. Buy a bottle of a movie...plan on taking tomorrow off...have a few drinks, listen to music, call a friend...and settle in for an evening of fantasy and frollicking.

Don't drink yourself silly, but procure yourself a "comfortably numb" feeling. Don't sleep in...plan to get up early, and do it. Spend tomorrow engaged in something "real" something dull and some people throughout the day...plan big for the future, and settle in tomorrow night with another film, and some light wine drinking.

I hope you do this (although i'm sure you've tried something similar before). This is my remedy occassionaly.

But listen here know what i'm going to say, right? You've been there before. I've been there before. Man, i've read some of my posts i've made in the worst of times...they read like bloody epitaphs. SC...i know where you are right now. I really do. Things have been horrible for me for the past YEAR...consistently. And as you probably know, intermittently for quite some time before that. But this past year has been an unbelievable hell for me...

But this past week i've felt something change...something major. The thaw is melting as it always does and i'm feeling stronger...not indestructible...not even normal...but strength and the will to live is beginning to once again take hold of me. THINGS WILL CHANGE, SC.


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Hi sc

One of the things that I find sometimes help me when I am feeling down and depressed is to accomplish something practical that I may have been putting off for some time. Something as simple as vacuuming out the car, or writing that letter so long over due. Even raking leaves. Anything one can look at and feel something has been accomplished. One les thing piling up generating more and more stress in ones life.

Sometimes like another poster mentioned just taking some time out ot your regular routines and sort of pampering yourself can help. For instance here in California where i live it was a beautiful clear day almost seventy degrees. I took 3/4 MG of Xanax and laid out in the sunshine for about an hour, even dozing off for a time. And felt much better afterward. I am a sun worshipper and can't handle very well the cold dreary gray days most common this time of year. I have a friend who swears by visiting tanning salons once or twice a week is a great help in lifting his spirits.

One other thing that helps me cope with bouts of depression is my certainty that it will pass, as it always does . A few months ago when I first discovered this site the subject matter dealing with DP reactivated "depressive feelings" leading to disturbing experiences of DP. This lasted about two weeks then it gradually began to lift. So I always keep in mind that the best approach may be to try and be patient and wait it out. Especially if they come in a cyclic manner as mine tends to do_Often times my depression is connected to something that is happening in the outer world envirment around me and sometimes a positive outward chance of circumstance will go a long ways in lifting my depression. At least that has often been the case for me.

Don't know if this reply is helpful to you or not but I am wishing you well.


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bored>? need soemthing to take you rmind off of that? i can tell you a story if youd like- just mail me....hahaha i am going through some weired identity thingy right now and i really need to get it off my chest- i am too afraid to post- so if you get bored and want to listen- feel free- if not- then i hope that you will consider therapy- make the call the mean time- stay up and watch reruns of an old show- or watch a movie- keep your mind going until you drift to sleep-- good luck

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sc, whenever I get feeling really down and just do not know what way to feel I put on some music. I sang with a band for many years and I will dig out some old songs that I had on cassette and just sing. I play songs that help me vent out a bit. I also put on my earphones to drown out the sad or negatives thoughts in my head. It helps, after dancing around singing into my microphone and making a complete fool of myself I actually feel a little better. I know the dp/dr did not go away but the upsetting feelings bottled up inside were a bit more tolerable. Exercise is also great when you feel all upset inside, it releases tension and helps you feel a bit better. Music has always been great medicine for me, I just love it, I just keep singing till I feel tired out. I hope you feel better soon.


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SC I am sorry you feel so bad. I hope some of my suggestions help.

When I was at my worst I found that just being with people that I enjoyed normally helped. I mean getting into conversations about life & gossiping etc with my inlaws always helped :) I think it was the fact that I was so engrossed in what they were saying it took my mind off things. I love romance novels so I would read them & also did a cassette course on improving myself esteem.

Anything that is going to pique interest in you other than your disorder is going to help. It is not going to dramatically disappear its a slow process you have to sort of look at it as peeling onion layers. Little by little the more you take an interest in life the better you will feel.

Hang in there, you know it can get better & hey, if you need medication then go get some its not admitting defeat, its called looking after yourself.

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Hi Sc,

Unfortunately I am too very depressed, as you know, and I can't offer you advices since I need some :) But I can offer your my support and friendship. :)

Don't forget we are here.

CYnthia xxx

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Thank you for the suggestions. The pm's were nice too.
I continue to struggle. Part of the problem right now is I am physically limited - herniated disk in my back that I am afraid to have surgery for. It's about all I can do to walk straight these days, not to mention having a doctor telling me I'll end up in a wheelchair if I don't get it fixed.
Anyway, that limits what I can do in the way of exercise - one of my usual coping mechanisms.

Even though I've been here before, many times...........just like before I feel like this is it. Games up and it's time for the looney bin. I'm so down I can't even take the bait Soulbrotha gave me. About having a dream about my son (the normal, less wacky sc would have offered something about..........I had a dream too, bro. I was at your house in Jersey, or Botswana....or wherever it is you live. Me and your momma were looking through her closet, and it turns out she and I have almost identical choice in clothing. Right down to the pretty pink taffeta on our dresses.) Nope, just too down to bother with that kind of thing right now.
Went into work but had to come home. Have to go back in a bit though, as I have some meetings I can't miss. Only hope I can sit through them without turning into a sobbing blob in the corner. Wish me luck.
And more suggestions are welcome. I'm just looking for those short term things people to do to give themselves a break.............

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sigh................ :(

let me think...

seriously, for some reason looking around in tacky dollar stores in a bored, paying no attention to anything in particular way used to help.

calling friends while lying in bed about to lose it but being able to let the conversation keep my mind off of it.

cooking very complicated receipes.


renting movies that would make me cry...kind of a purging thing.

well, there's a few...probably not of any help, but i tried 'cause i care.

maybe the klono thought is where you need to be heading.

wherever you head, you need to get on your horse and ride while the ridings good.

jez, i hope something works for you, sc.

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that is funny- i have found comfort in dollar stores as well- never purchasing..but always wondering...that was funny.

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I hope you are feeling a little better.Sorry I don't have any suggestions that I think would be of any help but for what it's worth here is a short list.

Be with nature.Go some place that used to inspire you,the forest,a river,the ocean.....not sure where you live?up the top somewhere?,it's pretty and get's cold....right?

Do some charity work,be a volunteer for animals or kids or how about fire fighting,do they have forest fires where you live?
I don't think you should read to old people though,might be like that episode of Seinfeld when George was told not to come back to the old people's home because he was too depressing.

How about sky diving,bungee jumping or hang gliding.If that's not your style then bush walking or bird watching.

I'll see if I can think of some more

Cheers from down under

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sc.. a herniated disk is more than enough to make you want to end your life. i really feel for ya cause i know how you feel. i had 6 months of physical therapy for that and i still wake up in excruciating pain every single day for the past 3 years since my initial injury. (i used to care for disabled people for a living.. which also included daily lifting of dead wieght.) when it was at its worst its like having menstral cramps X 10,000. all i wanted to do was die and end the pain.

i know you prolly think its all got to do with being a wierdo sc.. but having a disk injury is enough to make anyone depressed.. that includes the 2 tony's.. robbins and little. :wink:

yes talk therapy is a good idea. but i think you should also find a good physical therapist.. and possibly consult with a chiropractor. walking around in pain all day is no way to live. :(
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