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Help please

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Hi friends,
Unfortunately I had a bad experience with weed three months ago and had a awful panic attack. Since then I feel stoned and detached 24/7. Also, experiencing floaters and light sensitivity. I need to wear sunglasses all day long. I’m working on my anxiety which is being fueled by this stoned feeling constantly. It’s really impacting my life. Any hope? Appreciate everyone here.
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I would love to offer you a quick fix. But unfortunately we haven't found one yet. However, time does help. How long? Hard to say, some it takes not long, others... well... that depends on you. I recommend to never smoke weed again. That's pretty much a key note you'll find said time and time again here. Even when your recovered. I recommend taking it easy on yourself. While others may not see what we go through, and most don't understand, if they did, then you'd be seen as a hero/heroine. But again, this is a lonely condition to be in, that's mainly why we tend to stick together. If you have facebook, then be sure to check out the group "Depersonalization". I don't have facebook, but I used to mod there. They have a great, caring culture and you might make some friends. There is always hope!
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