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Help please to id one of my issues

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Hello all, newcomer here. Dave, dealijg with depression, pipolar, anxiety, and others along with physically breaking down at 50. I have an even t that occurs periodically and infrequently but can be very distressing at times. I call it an inner body experience where my consciousness shrinks down to a place in my skull and I see through and out the eye as though looking through an eye 20ft tall. I feel like a tiny person standing in my head. My hand feel gigantic as do my fingers and they are very far away at the ends of my very long arms. I want to research it but cannot put a name to it. Thank you!

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Sounds like partiel seizures from the temporal lobe. You have to be seen by a neurologist to determine its origin. It can be made by high levels of psychological stress but also have other causes. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
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