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Help please to id one of my issues

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Hello all, newcomer here. Dave, dealijg with depression, pipolar, anxiety, and others along with physically breaking down at 50. I have an even t that occurs periodically and infrequently but can be very distressing at times. I call it an inner body experience where my consciousness shrinks down to a place in my skull and I see through and out the eye as though looking through an eye 20ft tall. I feel like a tiny person standing in my head. My hand feel gigantic as do my fingers and they are very far away at the ends of my very long arms. I want to research it but cannot put a name to it. Thank you!

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Thank you all so much! I tear up reading this, it feels good to be understood and have a path to research. I am slowly realizing as I age/grow that this is a large, long developing set of issues that have failed to be diagnosed. I have had psychiatric help from more than one professional but it just goes nowhere. They need to live in my head to know what is wrong, we just never get anywhere but where I need to think about things differently, or convince myself of falsehoods in order to deal with realities. I just can't. I can't lie to myself to feel good.
I feel the best diagnosis I have had has been self sought-after and derived upon by research. I have had relief from Prozac but none of the many others I tried ever did much but complicate life.
Drifting here, sorry. Thank you so much for helping me!!
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One time when I was 18 my "event" was quite definitely some sort of seizure looking back upon it. I could not escape that inner world I was in. My girlfriend was in bed with me, awoke and held/hugged me tight for some time until I came back. I have not been able to understand that time but now I do more so, thank you!
This happens to me all the time (I feel like my limbs are changing sizes to football pitch lengths). It's called proprioception or kinesthesia.
Mine may be related to old head injuries. I'm also of a similar age. I have a neurologist, but unless something shows up on a CT-scan or MRI they don't tend to do much in the way of treatment.

It's an unusual presentation of proprioception that I've only regularly seen on this website! Most presentations seem to think the outside world has changed size, so seeing other accounts on this page has been reassuring. PTSD, head injuries, migraines, the pandemic, etc.... makes figuring this out tough.

Useful has been trying to put together a complete medical history. Unless you've had the same doctor for your whole life, your medical history will be wildly incomplete. None of those analogue records will be in your file.

Good luck!
Thank you too! I can't say it's nice to hear another knows my issue but it feels good to be understood and helped like this.
I used to think it as another level of perception, sort of inside the bubble deeply, but it would get out of conrol and hold me there. I blamed myself in a way for thinking like that and leading myself into that hold. I wish I understood this when I was 10 or so. I don't experience this often anymore but it feels just a step away somehow. You mention ptsd and more. I feel I have some form of ptsd, have depression, social....nope general anxiety, a little bipolar but I question whether its really undiagnosed lifelong adhd, I am displaying like that I believe when I stand back and look at my overall recent life.
I like that you seem to understand your concerns as you do, that gives you power to be well.
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