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Help me get out :)

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Hi guys,

So I suffer from agoraphobia pretty badly. I'm scared of leaving the house alone for fear of being attacked and for fear of getting so conscious of myself with DP that I suddenly have no safe zone to run to when/if I can't cope. I'm also unemployed, and staying at home day in, day out is really getting tedious. I just want to be freed from the grip of my own fear! I have no routines, nothing to do out of the house, so I am hoping that some people who don't have agoraphobia can give me some ideas of what to do to give me a reason to go out. I want to get out daily but I don't have much money so I can't spend all that time shopping, going to the cinema or eating out for instance. I would really appreciate suggestions so i can comprise a list of free outdoor activities that I can do, just to get me out alone and used to things a few times a week!

Thanks everyone!
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Dr. Claire Weekes is THE anxiety (disorder) expert, I would also recommend her books.
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