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Help me get out :)

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Hi guys,

So I suffer from agoraphobia pretty badly. I'm scared of leaving the house alone for fear of being attacked and for fear of getting so conscious of myself with DP that I suddenly have no safe zone to run to when/if I can't cope. I'm also unemployed, and staying at home day in, day out is really getting tedious. I just want to be freed from the grip of my own fear! I have no routines, nothing to do out of the house, so I am hoping that some people who don't have agoraphobia can give me some ideas of what to do to give me a reason to go out. I want to get out daily but I don't have much money so I can't spend all that time shopping, going to the cinema or eating out for instance. I would really appreciate suggestions so i can comprise a list of free outdoor activities that I can do, just to get me out alone and used to things a few times a week!

Thanks everyone!
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Hi Delicate,
I think you should start off small, I had a period of time where I didn't leave my house for weeks and when I decided to start going back out again it felt almost like I had an elastic band attached to me like trying to pull me back to my 'safety zone' or I would get so far away from my house I would almost freeze in fear and I felt like I couldn't go any further. The things that helped me were starting off with small walks and gradually making them longer, even walking to the corner shop, it gets you used to being outside and seeing different faces etc. You could also try exercise like going for a run but then it depends how comfortable you feel. Then once you feel comfortable with that you could try socializing, going to visit a friend or a relative or anyone you want and remember you don't always have to do it on your own, you can take someone with you for support.

I wouldn't throw yourself in at the deep end because sadly that just sets you up to fail and I know that. It gradually doesn't become such a big deal to go outside. Expect to feel heightened anxiety when you first try it out but don't let that make you give in, keep on going and eventually you will get there....I only feel anxious outside if i'm driving now, if i'm out and socializing it tends to take my mind off of my own problems and it definitely helps towards recovering. You've probably heard of this but there's a book called 'hope & help for your nerves' by Dr.Claire Weekes and she has a whole section on agoraphobia in there, which is definitely helpful. I wish you the best of luck
This is great advice, and it's what worked for me. For a while I was terrified of just going to the store or walking down the street, all I would do is stay in all day. Now I make sure to be out in the world every single day for at least an hour.

It's all about desensitizing yourself by very slowly exposing yourself to your fears. It's that simple. I started with small things, like taking a short walk. Then I'd walk to the store to get a few things. If I had a panic attack...I'd recuperate and wait a day or two before trying again...but you always have to try again.

One of my favorite free activities is just taking walks, admiring the city...maybe bring along an mp3 player and listen to some music or you can listen to an audiobook. If you have a local park to walk around it's even better. Even when I don't have a lot of money I still like to pop by the thrift store and see what's new. Sorry, I'm easily amused and dull, that's about the extent of the things I do for free. I'm sure if you wanted to you could find local activities through Google.

The only thing you need to do is something instead of nothing.
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