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Help me get out :)

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Hi guys,

So I suffer from agoraphobia pretty badly. I'm scared of leaving the house alone for fear of being attacked and for fear of getting so conscious of myself with DP that I suddenly have no safe zone to run to when/if I can't cope. I'm also unemployed, and staying at home day in, day out is really getting tedious. I just want to be freed from the grip of my own fear! I have no routines, nothing to do out of the house, so I am hoping that some people who don't have agoraphobia can give me some ideas of what to do to give me a reason to go out. I want to get out daily but I don't have much money so I can't spend all that time shopping, going to the cinema or eating out for instance. I would really appreciate suggestions so i can comprise a list of free outdoor activities that I can do, just to get me out alone and used to things a few times a week!

Thanks everyone!
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BOOM!!! Ok here is your big dare... Go ride the London Eye, take a picture, and report back to us. DO IT!!!!

If you do it, you can dare me to do something, and I will do it, and take a picture, and post it.

Seriously... do it!!!
bro I'd get a full blown panic attack if I was agoraphobic and suddenly found myself on a small plastic capsule with strangers, no way out, and 135 meters above the ground.. AND going in circles!!!

but I think its a great idea, maybe we can do a kind of game in which each day you (Delicate) post a picture of yourself on a different part of your town. And like surfin says we can dare you do specific things that will make you face fears, starting from the smallest and easiest, and working up.
I did something like this when I was doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- which was very useful-

what you do is you write a list of things that you are afraid of but would like to do.
Then you score them from 0 -100, 0 being no fear at all, and 100 being max.

Then you arrange them in order, starting with the easiest ones. And you do the first one for some days until you manage to do it without feeling any fear at all.
So by doing this you show your body/unconscious mind that that particular activity/situation is not necessarily dangerous.

For example, you are afraid of dogs, so every time you see one, you get a panic attack and cross the street to avoid contact with it.
By crossing the street your anxiety levels drop, so your body learns that escape-mechanism, and becomes addicted to it, because it assumes that the dog IS in fact dangerous, so the fear will always remain and affect your lifestyle.
So what you do is you start petting a puppy, which is harmless. And you do it with someone else, and while the puppy is asleep. Then you do it when it is awake, then you do it alone, then you do it with a larger dog, etc etc. Each step at a time, as many times as needed for you to completely overcome your fear, never pushing yourself, taking it easy.

Of course there IS a chance of the dog biting you. But you learn that A) the chance is small, B ) even if there is a chance, your life will be much better if you take that chance, rather than avoid all possible contact in the first place.

Anyway what do you think about surfins idea of taking a picture outside and submitting? im up for the darings as well

Delicate: Take a picture of a street sign (the name of the street), then a picture of an initial numbering (the number on a house on that street), and then a picture of that number + 1000 on another house/shop (about ten blocks away) , and submit!

Surfin... dress up like a ninja, climb over a rooftop, and submit a picture

ps. wait, i forgot, the numberings in the UK dont go like that, do they?
hm.. well, you could, take a picture of a street name, and another one which is intersecting it. Then walk up the first street, ten blocks, and take a picture of the road intersecting it there. Then submit and show us on the map =)
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Oh, almost forgot to mention! I went out alone, todaaayyy!
It was the first time in three years. I went to the local park, and felt so free. I didn't even get that anxious really
I need to work out what step 2 will be now. Abraxas - I will make that list up tonight!
yay =) congratulations!!! that's an impressive step you took there
keep it up, you ll see that you really don't have anything to worry about while in public places, everyone's minding their own business! you really are free to just be.

good one on making the list, it ll help a lot, go step by step, taking it easy

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Thats a beautiful picture you took, i d love to have a forest near my place!! you should go there more often. They say that forests are an excellent place to face irrational fears. Trust nature

And maybe try slowly switching those kinds of thoughts "I ll hit them with my phone"/"im being alert and not looking down"
with things like "There is no reason why anyone should attack me right now. Regardless, it is something i can not control, and I am at peace with that" "I trust the present moment" "I trust the Universe" "I trust life" "I trust myself" "I am safe"

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