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Help for many people- check this out.

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hello guys,

As i was surfing this site i realized that i have been blessed to find a number of tools that help in the need of well simply help.

Now the one drawback to this is that at this point i can only help people with apple products.

i would love to share some apps that i have downloaded to help me in the time of need.

I am not talking about diary apps, which work dont get me wrong.

but I'm talking about apps that have complex layers of tools to help you chill out, sort your problems, and even teach you how to understand and reframe your negative sensations/thoughts.

1. PTSD Coach

dont be fooled by the name. it can be used for many things. My top app.

this app is amazon because it literally has a tab called "manage symptoms". This thing helps you rate your stress at the current moment in time, and then based on your answers generates a tool to help you.

i think that this thing is 85% useful in my times of need.

2. iCBT

this one is a great app for managing cognitive distortions. it helps you by laying out your event that is negatively affecting you. then helping you reframe your perspective using the cognitive distortions.

i gotta tell you i have gone into a problem almost panicking and losing reality, to smiling post use of this app.

3. Breath2relax

things one is good for helping you just take a quick breathing exercise, this was my first app that helped me lose my relaxation virginity. (haha).

no but seriously its awesome.

anyways here you guys go, i hope this helps many.

let me know what you guys think. :)

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"...helped me lose my relaxation virginity."

An epic way to put that. I know a lot of people that need to lose that. Often that might lose the other virginity what with the gained confidence and smooth flowing cool daddio vibes.
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