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well i can't help but feel quite low i guess...i got some results yday from my 3rd eeg and it showed up normal....with the type of suspected condition i have it can have normal neurological findings but i guess im kinda strung out and worn down from it all at the mo....ive got a neuro appt in 1 1/2 weeks so i guess ill have to hang tight.... sux

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So sorry to hear you have not received a definitive answer yet. I hope that you can work as hard on keeping your mind in the present as you are trying to do worrying about the future. One and a half weeks will get here soon your very best today and let the future have it's own time.

Not that this is easy advice to follow...just trying to add some positive thoughts. I also have the "life sucks, and then it sucks some more" train of thought if that would work better for you. :( :wink:

Just wanted to reply to a time that I know is hard to deal with.

Take care,
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