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Hello there,

I came to visit this site because a dear friend kind of asked me to, in a way of telling me what is going on with her.

Reading all your stories is like opening a door of memories concerning myself.
I've kind of been there, where many of you go thrue this moment, but life itself got me out.
I got lucky meeting my personal chaosbreaker at just the right moment when I was ready to let him in. It felt like coming home in my own life, meeting myself like I was and learning to see my own potential.

Fact is that I did it myself: climbing out my chaos, but he gave me the needed push to get on the right road.

Maybe my problems were different or less severe than some of the situations I read about, but I remember feeling very lost, dwelming in chaos.
Things of my past could not be "classified", cause there was no closure.
Now I know closure is not always what is nessecary to get on with your life, acceptance is a big part in moving on.
Don't know if that makes sense...

Although sometimes I still have my periods in which life seems to go ahead whitout me, I can catch up.
I'm happy being me, even if perfection is not even close. (As if it ever is...)

Why I write this I don't really know.
Maybe just to tell you to keep fighting, no matter how lost you feel.
I know you'l get there on your own way, with the specific help you need.
If that is with medication or psychiatric help, so be it, there's no shame, on the contrary: dealing with your problems takes courage!

My signature is a translation of one of my cry's for help, things I wrote down when I felt lost in myself.
Let me know if it makes sense...

Keep on talking and don't give up.
Mies, I'll be by your side...

Mama van Senne
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