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Hello, recovered a few times from this and now back at it hahaha

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If u read my last post here, i was extremely depersonalized for about 1 and a half year with AAAALLLL the symptoms, and then begin a slowly recovery so..
It was like this, i recovered like 4-5 times from anxiety.. first 4 times dpdr didnt even bother me, i didnt even obo what it was but last time from
From march 2016 to june 2017 it was crap, everything fake blah blah, after that from winter of 2017 to winter of 2019 i almost cured perfect my anxiety and my dp, it didnt even bother me, it was there but show only when i was stressed, didnt even think about it for days, and because i forgot how bad this felt i begin to stress again, without realising that i will get this shit again, didnt even think about it until octomber this year when i felt again like crap
And now, i have again all the symptoms, all the anxiety
I feel fear, feat of fear, i dont know how to say this, i fucking know that i get over it a few times, even when it was HELL, i beat it, but now im fucking scared again
I cant control my feelings, i mean when i get this fear out of nowhere omg it feels like hell.. it last for 1-2-3-4 hours but in the evening its better, i dont feel anxiety that bad
This fear is anxiety right? I dont remember how was in 2016-2017 lol.. im so anxious that now i believe its worse and i will have this fear and anxiety all my life but i swear to god deep down i believe in me
Also my moods this last 1-2 months was crap, like up and down up and down during the day...
do u also experienced or experience this fear? And this mood swings to say like this.. i mean a few hours to feel without anxiety and fear and feel like u can beat this and the next hours to be scared like u cant and full of fear?!
And sorry for my english, its not my native
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