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Hi guys

Well, firstly i hope im posting this in the right area (im useless with forums!)

So nice to find somewhere to talk about this stuff. Friends and family bless em, they mean well but dont understand. Been suffering with DP & DR since i was 19 (im 26 now) it disappeared for a few years but recently came back after a traumatic time in my life. The old feelings of going mad, hearing thumping heartbeats in my head, sickness, diarreah, detachment, confusement, numbness in my hands, depressive/morbid thoughts, hopelessness....

Their back. I hope its not for too long. Just read here that some members have suffered all their lives? my heart bleeds for you, really, how DO youcope?! more research has to be done on this terrible terrible disorder. Can DP & DR really last that long? god i hope not. Psychologist seems to think my symptoms are symptoms of an anxiety disroder but they've yet to probe deeper. Only had 2 appointments so far which has been a month apart so im not making fast progress in a getting a proper diagnosis. Why is mental health so underfunded?
Sorry if all this seems so random, shouldnt be writing this now maybe as im in the middle of "an attack" will probably feel better in a few hours after freaking out, followed by a good cry.
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