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Hello I’m Here for My Son

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I want to start by saying to everyone with DPD that I’m so sorry you all are dealing with this. My son has been suffering with chronic constant DPD for at least 8 months. It just gets worse and worse. He is so afraid that he has lost himself forever. Yesterday he told me he wanted to die. He doesn’t feel that way today, but I’m so afraid for him. It’s so hard to see him suffer like this. I cannot imagine how horrible it must be for him and all of you. We have just found a new psychologist who is going to do a lot of testing, but all that will take time and I want to find all possible ways others have been helped. Would it be okay for me, a family member, to participate in this forum to look for any way I might help my son? Maybe some day, when he is better, he’ll come here himself.
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Hi, welcome to the site, and yes of course it's okay to participate.

Has he been under a lot of stress, or was there some triggering event? It's not always obvious, as it can be a subtle thing like not feeling he can be himself. DPD tends to kick in as a kind of mental shield when we feel overwhelmed by the world around us. Then we can become scared by the symptoms, and so an anxiety loop can develop, involving self-checking, anxiety responses and more self-checking.

I sympathise with him being so afraid. Reassure him he is not lost, just in a state of alarm, and he will come back as he calms, and learns ways to manage anxiety.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing with bringing in a psychologist, but remember he should feel a sense of control over his treatment, so nudge, but don't push. I don't know how old he is, so he maybe too young for medication, but either way it's worth first trying some natural supplements, like a good natural source multivitamin with lots of b-vits, magnesium and zinc, as these tend to be the nutrients lacking and lost under stress. 5-htp and St Johns wort are good things to try until he gets proper care and counselling.

Also, if you check out my profile page there are some good book recommendations.
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I guess you'll just have to go softly, and hopefully the psychologist has a good manner that puts him at ease. It does sounds like he needs help, so you are doing the right thing.
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