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Hello, new guy here. My name is Guillermo and Im currently suffering from this dreaded condition known as DP/DR.

On August 12, I had a severe panic attack attack at work. It took me 20 min to calm down, my heart was racing, I was sweating, trembling and eveything around me was overwhelming.

As this happened, I immediately excused myself to the backroom where I finally calmed down. I never once called the hospital.

Like I said before, it took 20 min to calm down. I got up from my sitting position and went back to work fine...everything was fine untik the next day.

When I woke up the next day, I immediately felt that my perception was off, and most importantly my "self" seemed detached from my body. I freaked out, however, I did my best not to get a panic attack as bad as I did before so I calned down but needless to say it was extremely hard to do so.

The first three days were pure hell. I didnt think a human could feel such emotions of hopelessness and fright this intense. I eventually calmed down since, Ive had it for almost 2 weeks now.

The thing that bothers me most are the thoughts that intrude my mind. I have thought of suicide and other strange things.

I immediately researched my condition and I have been taking supplements which were recommended by an user here known as tommygunz.

So far it has helped me tremendously, whether it is just time, placebo or actual change, i dont know, but it helps.

I do have a question. My first 4 days I was in shock, my heart was constaly beating fast and my body was always shivering. I didnt eat almost anythibg for the first 4 days.

Eventually my appetite returned and now I feel, for the most part, calm.

This calmness however makes me think of crazy things too, Im actually scared of this calmness as if my self has been replaced or as if there is no turning back.

Could this still be anxiety? Even amidst this calmness?

I do wake uo in the middle of the night palpitating, and nights are always harder for me.

So what is this scary calmness?

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Hello, welcome here.

Could this still be anxiety? Even amidst this calmness?
Yes it's anxiety, you're basically scared of your own experience because DP is indeed a traumatic experience when it itself results from anxiety. Anxiety is not always even being percieved by the person who experiences it, it might express itself through panic attacks or mere worrying and intrusive thoughts.

DP/DR is a coping mechanism, a reaction to a stressfull situation, so that your self no longer suffers from it, your psyche disconnects you from your own cognition and feelings. You need to eliminate this stress and since it has only been two weeks you have this condition now's the perfect time to react if you don't wan't it to last. Some people here have been suffering from it for several years, you can recover from it after a long period of time, but it's much harder.

Do not overthink your condition, it will only keep your stress active if you do, and deep you even more into it. Just keep doing things the way you used to do them, and do not think about how strange things feel when experiencing them, just focus on your daily tasks or whatever you're doing, I can't tell you how long it's going to take, it might take a few weeks to a few months in the optimal conditions. If anxiety is unbearable or you really feel suicidal / depressed then you need to consult a psycheatrist and take some medications, but remember, they won't solve your problem, they can only help.
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