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Hey Everyone My Names Jack,

Obviously the reason I have signed up here is because I am "Suffering" from DP! (Shock)

Well... Not really suffering, I had severe DP for a few months via the usual Smoking of The Cannabis (Tut-Tut)

triggering a panic attack...Bla Bla Bla, We all know how it works.

(If you've never seen the film Numb, It's basically a guys story about getting DP,

finding out about DP and finally Accepting DP)

Honestly It's as if I had wrote the film myself and if you watch it I'm sure a lot of you will feel the same way!

The reason I put "Suffering" In Quotes is because I'm not actually suffering anymore :)

In fact when it was severe I wasn't even able to look up "DP" because i was so TERRIFIED of it, let alone sign up for a forum about it!...

Well... either the terrified part or the fact that i couldn't even pick up my phone to google due to severe shaking under blankets in shear terror and practically teleporting to another dimension all together. - Yeah I had those Weeeeeird symptoms

I've been in and out of hospital, Seen Psycs / Therapists and been put of a selection of meds (All of which I am off now)


The reason I say this is because I think its important you know that even though I have a very positive outlook on DP (Now), It doesn't mean I've not been there! (or just not had it as severe as you!)

when ever I would watch a video of someone talking about DP and they would be sitting there smiling, in a clean room, well dressed and looking over all healthy I would be like "NOPE! next video, Clearly this guy Doesn't have DP as much as me

(if at all)" But now I know no matter how bad it is IT IS POSSIBLE.


Another thing I need you to know is that when you talk about your symptoms I know that your NOT over exaggerating. It's unfortunately impossible for someone to know what DP is like if they've never had it....

Before my DP if someone said to me, "Oh man, I feel like i'm in a dream" I'd probably laugh and just think that they must be having a good day maybe the days going so well that their "Oh, It's like a dream"


When someone with DP says the feel like their in a dream, THEY MEAN IT!

They literally feel like their in a dream, PERIOD...

The Docs/Psycs/Therapists, They all interpret it as if you mean something other than what your saying.

But trust me I know.

There's a lot I've not talked about, and I think MY STORY IS INCREDIBLE,

Hopefully i'll be active on this and I can share my story with you all little by little.

If you would like to know more and/or have any questions, Please do ask. as I said I would very much like to be active on this forum.

...we haven't even spoke about my crazy symptoms, if you need hope that your more sane than you think, you need to hear about my symptoms lol

Thanks :mrgreen:

- Canyon

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Hey Canyon☺ I'm 18 and have been suffering from this dream like state for about 2 months now, mine got triggered by a vivid nightmare, and some days it's literally the worst to deal with, because logically speaking, my brain "knows" this is real, everything around me points to reality and not a dream. YET my brain constantly wants to tell me "nah fam, it's a dream" and it sucks so much. I've recently felt like now that when I fall asleep and have a dream that when I wake up, I still haven't actually woken up, but I tell myself that's just the anxiety of it. It's a vicious cycle that never ends and I just want to be my sarcastic free self again. I've recently just been prescribed 10 mg dose's of Apo-Fluoxetine to help combat the anxiety and OCD. BUT ANY HELP WOULD BE LOVELY.

Yours Truly


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Wassuh as you know i made this account to talk about my DP/DR which sucks but we all have to live with it unless your one of the lucky people who get out of it so easily, but anyway i'm 14 years old and it sucks having at such a young age because i have such a long way to go. This life style sucks so much and i hate it, I got my DP from cannabis just as most suffers and you, I try to keep my mind of things by playing Xbox with friends. I'm kinda scared to tell my parents about it because I know at first they wont understand until i show them because even i didn't know a thing like this existed, but i'm sure as i mature i will tell them, maybe when i'm 16 but i'm planing to tell them later when i feel comfortable. I'm not sure if i want to take medication after i tell them or see a doctor because i'm not sure if its the best idea because i heard medication can sometimes make it worse but ill take a shot at it possibly, what do y'all suggest. I'd like having some friends that have DP/DR just to talk about our symptoms because i know how hard it is to express them with someone you know compared to online or a stranger. If anyone has an Xbox one hit me up @ DatFruityShii :mrgreen: . anyways I'm stay on this conversations looking for responses and stuff so yeah and yeah i know its hard and i'm glad your so confident about this and the situation you in and btw i have a question, do you think that medication can help or mabey that there is a cure or can you recover completley from DP/Dr ive heard of recoveries but do you think there possible? anyway i wish everyone a good one man im hoppin off this one ttyl. :razz:
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