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I have been experiencing this hell for about a month now. It was brought on by pure anxiety and Hypochondria.I barely drank and don't do drugs For years I used to think there was something wrong with my heart. I would get panic attacks over it. Well recently It got soo bad that I went to the ER to finally know. They did an ekg, ct of the head and neck, blood work everything came out negative. I was soo happy I cried. The next day I was driving and looked at my hand and it felt foreign. Then over the course of a week everything started to look fake, my parents looked weird, constant panic attacks about existence and reality. Everything seems fake. I have better days and worse days. But this is constant almost 24/7. The weird thing is I used to think philosophical before and it never bothered me. I don't know. Maybe soo many years(10years) of health anxiety and finally officially knowing I'm fine, my brain probably went into d/p d/r to heal . I'm 24 years old btw and male. Anyway I find comfort in the fact that I am not alone but this suuucks soo bad.
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