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Hello everyone xx ; I don't feel 'alive'.

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My name is Brittanie. I'm 18 and I've recently been diagnosed with depression, among other things.

Traumatic childhood events have made me the person I am today. However they have also given me unwanted feelings that I cannot always explain..

Often I live more in my dreams more than I do while i'm awake. I tend to "zone out" or dissociate more than welcome. I find myself in these wonderful places where I am not anxious, or tired, or watching from a weird perspective. I'm just happy and free. At least, until I wake up.

All the while, i'm having to cope with the loss of 3 siblings and my best friend.

I often don't know what I like and dislike, because in the end, it doesn't feel like it even matters. I know it does matter. It must matter. Because here I am, on this site, looking for support.

I wish I had support from my family, but they are .. ignorant to mental illness. They would not acknowledge my condition under any circumstances. Which I guess is why i'm here.

At least now, I know i'm not alone.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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