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Well a funny thing happened on the way to go get my stomach scoped by the Gastro DOC... My daughter went into labor, I cancelled my procedure and I have a new AGranddaugter!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I called my Doc and They told me I can go do an Upper GI serries instead to start with and that if anything looked out of the ordinary there we could reschedule the scope... Thats what I wanted to do in the first place..... So two good things.... New Granddaughter !!


Hey Grandpa LOL,
Congrats on your new granddaughter. Is this the first grandchild for you. Spoil, Spoil, Spoil and send her home LOL. I'm glad they are going to have you get the upper GI first and not put you through unnecessary testing. Take care of yourself and enjoy the new grandbaby!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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