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Im telling you, everyone who is whining and complaining here about their twenty, fourty, or one hundred years in their cells of sins, called depersonalization must die in helll, because there is no fucking saviour for you, since you suffering so long. And trust me, im not telling it to you to hurt you, or something. Actually, i do.
And since you feel nothing, you must be asshamed of yourself, because you giving up on yourself every day by reading this FUCKING FORUM INSTEAD OF GOING OUT AND EXPERIENCING YOUR SHITTY LIFE FULLY.
Not just whining in misery, when you are dead and you failed and you NOT EVEN TRYING.
Probably this will send you on another circle of desperate thoughts and depression, but trust me, - the one who knows THE WORST states of DPDR, when you scream at passing cars in three hours straight and people walking around you, and its winter and night, and you feel just A LITTLE BIT BETTER. Maybe four, or five hours, i honestly don't fucking care about how much shit life putted on me. I digged through it, and im proud of myself as NEVER before.

Probably, if you are still "bad" and you have time for shitty messages on forums YOU ARE NOT EVEN TRYING.

Im telling you, what you need is FUCKING KICK IN THE ASS, and you need to KICK THIS LIFE IN HER ASS, SO IT WILL KICK YOU BACK. Probably, it will teach you something.

Again, i don't fucking care if you die out there, or if you will kill yourself, because you know the statistics - 50% of us ending not so good, as the ones who just stay alive and keep fighting. SO, MY MEN, IM TELLING YOU HARSH TRUTH.

FIGHT OR DIE>> :razz:
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