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Hey man, don't worry.

That's the nature of Depersonilzation (that also includes derealization).

It's like a cycle.

Everything looks unreal because you're anxious (Even the tiniest bit of anxiety can make you feel this way), and then you start panicing about everything looking unreal, which in turn fuels the cycle even more.

Anxiety>DP/DR>Worry about the DP/DR>more anxiety>More DP/DR.

To lessen the feeling of DP/DR, I distract myself 100% from any thoughts regarding DP/DR, but as soon as I "check in" or start thinking about it, it comes back straight away.

Eventually you'll stop thinking about it so often, and it will dissapear. When that starts happening you will be able to see that DP/DR is all in your mind and you can start to eliminate it.

Perfect answer which pretty much sums up recovery.

Don't obsess over the feeling, instead just let it slide and try your best to not pay any mind to it.
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