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Heart Beat

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone ever listen for their heartbeat during the day? Im having CBT at the moment and this is something I mentioned to the Community Psychiatric Nurse. Im constantly listening for it. It's something I think that I've done for nearly a lifetime. Dont ask me why!! I suppose it's just to see that Im still here/alive. When he told me that a most people dont monitor or listen to their heart beating I thought to myself " Shit, am I the only person who does this" :). Anyway, I had to try and go all day today with out listening to my heart beat. I found this really weird. It's like when you try to quit smoking, wanting to have a *** but knowing that you should'nt. It felt as if there was something missing from my daily routine.
Problem I have with this is that it adds to the feeling of derealization. I feel like a ghost as it is most of the time. Just goes to prove that CBT does work I suppose as what I was doing felt normal, although It quite obviously is'nt :)

Has anyone else had this problem? or am I alone on this one?
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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