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Just got back from a neurological exam. I will have a CAT scan in August (can't schedule it now) -- "just for the record" -- and that's cool as I'll have a current baseline.

At any rate, I seem to have essential tremor I inherited from my father, praises be. It is not caused by any of my medications.

It is SEVERELY exacerbated in me by stress, and as indicated, this got bad (after two years of a minor intention tremor -- not a resting tremor) after my close friend took her own life, and I made my recent move. Also having a colonoscopy under full anesthesia -- have to talk with the anesthesiologist first -- in July. Doesn't make me happy.

I have calmed down, used my CBT/DBT a lot, and the DP/DR hasn't spiked despite all this garbage.

Link to ET -- IT IS INHERITED in probably all cases, and in mine from my description of my father, he did not have Parkinson's which includes rigidity. Unfortunately this may get worse with age as it did with my father, but there are treatments of various kinds, and hopefully in the future, better ones.

The neurologist knew exactly what DP/DR were and said "There is no specific treatment", as I suspected. He noted it comes in many types with many co-morbid illnesses, psychiatric and neurological. He deals mainly with the neurological. I.E. a head injury that has DP/DR as a result.

Also, re my surgery, he wasn't comfortable with Versed as I am already on a benzo. I remember from two surgeries in 1993 I had them skip the pre-anesthesia cocktail, as in a surgery in 1984 it made me "disappear from the face of the earth." I will wait until the last minute for anesthesia, hopefully without ketamine.

Brand Name: VERSED

Also, since I'm already on a benzo, there is no more need for another benzo. Also, my other meds are calming enough. This would be unnecessary -- even though I'm a hairball of anxiety. 8)

So latest update. Things are going smoother since my move. The stress of that and my friend's death nearly did me in, and as the neurologist said this would cause an essential tremor, or ANY movement disorder to get worse. Anxiety exacerbates problems with the nervous system... well it is part and parcel of a normal nervous system. Fight or flight.

OK, end of report.
Will have report of CAT. Curious what it will look like, and I will ask for a copy to keep for future reference.

D, per the neurologist, clearly the Greatest Hairball on Earth. Just a stressed out person. :shock: Not that I look it, but from my health history, well, he was ... intrigued, LOL.

I have a new sofa coming tomorrow! Small pleasures. On the other hand, I still can't find the connection from my Boston Accoustics to my computer, YET.

Very good news to know it is not meds doing it. Excellent.

Important: Dreamer, you should NOT need full anasthesia for a colonosopy. No way. I know many many people who had those done and they ALL were given Versed (or some opiate or benzo) and then told to have a friend meet them at the end to help them home. I was the "Friend" for my pal Karel - and yes, she was goofy, but she was NEVER unconscious. Got her home and she fell asleep in her clothes (but she was not a regular benzo user, mind you. Personally, when I had mine, I felt GOOD after, lol....)

I have never in my life heard of a required General Anasthesia for a colonoscopy. To me, it's "second opinion" time.

All the best,

Also, if you choose to do a General anyway, you might ask for Propofol (at the general)

It is "in quick" and "out quick" - puts you under deep very fast and brings you back up very fast. The danger, as I understand it from all my reading, for dp types is that we do NOT want to linger in between twilight stages.

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Mercy Buckets.

I think the reason they want the full anesthesia is they are expecting polyps and they need to ... oh Lordy ... burn them off, and take some for biopsy. They don't want one wriggling around. I could get a perforation I don't care to discuss. You've been through a similar Hell.

I will still talk with the anesthesiologist, etc.

I find it amazing that I have so many doctors and nurses who all do things a different way.

The one thing that pissed me off was the neuro (who WAS a very decent dude) said, ANY new mind altering med can mess with DP/DR, doesn't matter what it is. I think that's true.

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Hi Dreamer,

Well, the good, the bad and the ugly, I guess.

Hope you continue to feel better as each day passes.

Take good care,
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