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I am 30 yrs old, suffered from mild anxiety attacks for years brought on by various stressors and what I believe to be hormone issues. The hormone issues also cause my migraine w/aura attacks 2-4 x a year.
I recently found myself obsessing over the onset of the migraines. If anyone has ever had a headache like this, they can be frightening, with neurological symptoms inluding slurred speech, vision loss, and stroke like symptoms.
The migraine passes though, and logically, I know this. However, a few months ago after an attack I found myself having strange feelings of detachment, anxiety, etc. I was getting full blown panic attacks, with depersonalization. something I hadn't had in years and never with DP.

In the middle of one, I realized how ridiculous this all is. Logically, I told myself to "get a grip" and immediately began reading a book. I now use the "bait and switch" method to reprogram my thoughts to logical when the , I guess you can call them spiritual (?) thoughts get out of hand, because there should be a balance in the mind of spiritual vs logical stimuli. The hyper awareness of DP is not necessarily bad, however, if you bring your mind unknowingly into this state you must get "back down to earth" and the best way is challenging the mind with something else.

I believe that all these meds for anxiety, depression, etc are hogwash. People may get angry at this, but the mind can be retrained without these expensive and sometimes damaging drugs.
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