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How often do you suffer from headaches?
All day, every day830.77%
Almost every day830.77%
About once a week519.23%
About once a month27.69%
Less than once a month27.69%
Where is your headache located?
I can't really say / Diffuse headaches36.67%
Back of my head715.56%
Right top of my head48.89%
Left top of my head36.67%
Front top of my head36.67%

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Hello everybody,

do you suffer from headaches? If so, please let me know how often and where your headache is located.

I have permanent DP/DR since 1 year and I experience hard to describe diffuse headaches almost everyday. It usually starts immediately after waking up. The headache is usually located at the front top of my head, but as I said, it is very hard to describe and even to exactly locate the pain. Maybe it could be described as a mixture of tension and burning. It is very aggravating, but I can stand it.

You can also describe your headache in your own words in the comments if you want.

I hope this poll will be helpful for everybody who is experiencing DP/DR together with headaches and now knows he is not the only one. :)

Best wishes from Germany!


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@hotlab: I have heard from a lot of people who have DP/DR that also suffer from headaches, so I think there is definitely a relation between headaches and DP/DR. Headaches can be caused by stress, anxiety or maybe a problem with your (neck) muscles. My headaches started at the same time my DP/DR started. In my case, I think the DP/DR directly causes the headaches, but I don't know what causes my DP/DR.
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