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Recently i have been getting headaches along with the weird feeling of depersonalization and the headaches have been in the same spot every single time. Its just a dull headache that wont go away and it is really starting to convince me more that i have a brain tumor and i am so worried. I also get these wierd little clicks in my head like they are very small yet irritating clicks its hard to explain. My mum has got a brain tumor for the 4th time and she is going through a very rough time and seeing her go through it convinces me that i have one. I had a two week holiday in which i felt pretty good although i did have a headache quiet a bit through out the holiday but as soon as i got home my depersonilization has got bad again.
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Hey Becca

I think I replied to one of your earlier messages about headaches and sensitivity to light....anyway, check up on that. There is some evidence that migraines (not exactly the same as just headache) are much more common in females than males, and that they can occur as part of the female cycle. They are also linked (in some cases) to hypotension, bad diet, poor sleep patterns, sensory overload, and environmental cues. Anxiety and stress can also induce headaches.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If in doubt go to your GP / medical practitioner and ask to see a migraine / headache specialist (typically a neurologist) who can talk in depth about your symptoms and will get a better feel for things. This is the best place to start.
Thankyou for the reply. I have been to my GP and he said that he thinks it is anxiety related but i just dont feel like something is right. I am having an MRI scan and i am so worried for the results i dont know its wether i have convinced myself i have a brain tumor or what.
It sounds like a headache caused from stress and anxiety which ive experienced before due to lack of sleep and too much time staring at computer screens. If its a brain tumor my jaw would drop and I would get struck by lightning.
I dont know like i have times where i feel okay and times where i just feel like something isnt right its really worrying me
Hi Becca

It is very common for people with DPD and anxiety to become what is known as hyper-reflexive with regards to bodily symptoms. This is well known and although, for you, it might be scary, it is driven by the anxiety and not necessarily real problems (which I hope is comforting for you). Have a read about hyperreflexivity in relation to DPD - the principle holds for anxiety and stress conditions as well.

The theory states you basically become hyper-aware of your body and bodily symptoms....which can falsely lead you to think you have conditions - which in reality, you don't. However, I'm glad to hear you are seeing specialists about this - that is by far the best way to go.
Thankyou so much for this. I completely agree with you any symptom i get i suddenly think the worse!
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