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Recently i have been getting headaches along with the weird feeling of depersonalization and the headaches have been in the same spot every single time. Its just a dull headache that wont go away and it is really starting to convince me more that i have a brain tumor and i am so worried. I also get these wierd little clicks in my head like they are very small yet irritating clicks its hard to explain. My mum has got a brain tumor for the 4th time and she is going through a very rough time and seeing her go through it convinces me that i have one. I had a two week holiday in which i felt pretty good although i did have a headache quiet a bit through out the holiday but as soon as i got home my depersonilization has got bad again.
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It sounds like a headache caused from stress and anxiety which ive experienced before due to lack of sleep and too much time staring at computer screens. If its a brain tumor my jaw would drop and I would get struck by lightning.
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