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Head Zaps / Whoosh

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What the goddam are these head zap things about ? I'm at the start/middle/end/start/middle point of Effexor withdrawal, and every time I move my head suddenly or move my eyes around, I get this buzzing sensation in, er, well, kind of 'behind' my eyes and I feel like I'm going to fall over, even when lying down - if that's possible. I'm also getting strange sensations on the soles of my feet...kind of a numb/cold feeling.

I've noticed that quite a lot of people have mentioned these head zaps during withdrawal...does it last ? It not particually disabling, just bloody annoying. I'd be curious to know the biological basis for this so that, of course, I can obsessively worry about it.

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i forgot to take on of my meds and by the time i remembered it was too late.....the next day took it as normal and had really bad zaps for the next few a really intense pain in the back of the head and dizziness that comes and goes...its freaky while its happening but they do pass.....i hate to think what withdrawal is like if i have a reaction from missing one :(
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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