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Head Zaps / Whoosh

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What the goddam are these head zap things about ? I'm at the start/middle/end/start/middle point of Effexor withdrawal, and every time I move my head suddenly or move my eyes around, I get this buzzing sensation in, er, well, kind of 'behind' my eyes and I feel like I'm going to fall over, even when lying down - if that's possible. I'm also getting strange sensations on the soles of my feet...kind of a numb/cold feeling.

I've noticed that quite a lot of people have mentioned these head zaps during withdrawal...does it last ? It not particually disabling, just bloody annoying. I'd be curious to know the biological basis for this so that, of course, I can obsessively worry about it.

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I got what I think are zaps for the first time. With extreme agitation too. Everytime falling off to sleep, kept waking up, not that falling off a cliff feeling but more like yor head being shaken inside your skull.
Got it over and over again until I had to read descriptive stats for psychology in order to fall asleep. In the morning I couldn't walk cos my balance was gone. Why go to a fairground when you can take effexor?
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